Chetsualna thlentu 75% zu

Aizawl: Aizawl Civil Hospital-in kum 2016-2017 chhunga chetsualna (injury/trauma case) an neih zinga 75% chu zu leh a kaihhnawih vanga thleng niin an chhinchhiah.

MLPC zirchiang tura din study group report tarlan danin kum 2016-17 chhung khan Civil hospital hian emergency case 57,418 an nei a, heng zinga 31,210 hi chetsualna vanga thleng a niin chetsualna thlentu tam ber 75% hi zu kaihhnawih vanga thleng niin an chhinchhiah. Zirchianna chuan zu vanga chetsualna thlenga enkawlna sum sen hi Rs. 40,964,000 niin an chhut.

Registrar of Births & Deaths, Economic & Staatistics Department-in kum 2016-a mitthi 1334-te thih chhan an zirchianna MCCD (medical certification of cause of death) ah chuan thi zinga 253 te thihchhan chu zu kaihhnawih niin an hria a, hei hi thi an zirchian atanga 19% a tling a ni.

Synod Social Front ten kum 2016-a Aizawl khawpui chhung damdawi in 4-a thi record an lakkhawm atanga a lan danin thi zinga 23.38% hi zu vang nia hriat a ni.



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