Orientation Training

Aizawl; India Eastern Territory chhunga International Headquarters Reserved leh Senior Reserved Officer-te tana Territorial Headquarters-in a buatsaih, ni khat awh Orientation chu Thawhtanni khan Booth Mansion Conference Hall-ah neih a ni.

He hun hi Commissioner Lalzamlova, Territorial Commander leh Commissioner Nu-i, TPWM te kaihhruaina a neih a ni a, Reserved leh Senior Reserved Officer-te mawhphurhna leh tih tur inhriat thartirna neih a ni a. ‘Role and Responsibility of the IHQ Reserved and Senior Reserved Appointment’ leh ‘Accountability and Good Governance’ tih thupuiah Commissioner Lalzamlova, TC-in a zirtir a. ‘Women in the Army’ tih thupuiah Commissioner Nu-i, TPWM-in zirtirin ‘Our Role in Public Relations and Community Emergency Response” tih thupui chu Lieutenant Colonel John Kumar Dasari, CS-in a zirtir bawk a, zawhna leh chhanna hun hman a ni bawk.

Orientation-ah hian Reserved leh Senior Reserved Officer-te,  Cabinet  Secretary-te, Head of Department-te, Divisional Commander-te leh District Officer-te an kal kim hle.



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